My Snapshot365 Project

Welcome to my self-induced project that will,  if it is successful, take me through the rugged course of stamina and discipline to a greater appreciation for the every growing craft of Photography

The idea presented to me recently was to take one picture every day for one full year and then post this picture to a blog of some sort. First, this would ensure that the participant (that would be me) is disciplined to keep working at his or her craft.  Second, through that discipline, the participant (aka me) would hone in one developing a more acute ability to be on the lookout for and spot particular photographic opportunities EVERYWHERE – and where better to challenge those moments of “hidden beauty” than in the routine journeys he/she finds himself taking everyday: to and from work, to the grocery store, at family gathering.  Third – and more importantly, this exercise, if done diligently and long enough, would train oneself to slow down from the pace of the day to notice the momentary world around him/her.

It begins today: JANUARY 1, 2010 and ends in 365 days on DECEMBER 31, 2010.

There are no restrictions or limitations on the content of each photograph nor quality of the photograph.  Simply that you take a photograph every day, post it and record your journey.

I hope that you will follow me – at least for a period of time. Perhaps we will see improved abilities to capture quality images on camera but we will be able to see where each day will take me. God has created a wonderful world with so much to explore.  Sometimes that beauty is disgraced by the ravaging sinful nature of  man, but more often, if you look real hard, it is a world of new creation – a momentary glimpse or a permanent monument to testify to His  creative genius.

I must preface this with saying that while I will do what I can to reach this lofty goal, I will see how far along the journey I can go before I stumble, fall and even abandon the idea but I must give it a good, strong start.

…oh, and by the way…I don’t claim to be a world class photography.  I just like to take pictures.


4 Responses to “My Snapshot365 Project”

  1. Good luck, Honey!

  2. Ken Salsman Says:

    Ian, this is an excellent challenge, and I really like how you’ve approached it. Bu mid-July you may be snapping photos of your dirty socks or the half-eaten piece of toast on your breakfast plate. Question: if you miss one day, can you take 2 photos the next day?

    I wish you great success. It will be interesting to see you “year at a glance”…great idea for a coffee table book! Add a scripture verse or comment to each one. Hmmmmm…

  3. Kevin Horton Says:

    Ian, this is a GREAT idea. I will definitely bookmark your blog and check in regularly… If I see you successful at this, I might be inspired to try it next year…

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