February Wrap-up

Well, February has come to a close . We have participated in Valentines. We celebrated the triumphs, victories and trials of the Olympic athletes. We have seen a month of cleaning up from the Haiti earthquake and experience another in Chile.

For me, I have completed a second month in my personal project.  I have managed to take SOME photograph every day and learn a few things in the process. Some pictures are more artistic, others  are more of a record of an event, others are more of an experiment – but all are taken by me.  Despite the heartbreaking lesson of an expensive repair after a dropped camera, the project continues.

I must admit that it does get difficult trying to find inspiration each day or to find a new perspective or work on a particular skill, especially during days one’s activity is travelling from home to work and back again or when the day’s tasks demand ever moment of the 24 hour time span.  In the end, however, I do find I find something “unseen” each day and hope that I captured in on camera forever.

As for this day, the day the Olympics ended, the day Canada ended with a hockey gold is a hard-fought game, the day Canada set a record for most golds and the USA for most total medals at a winter game…I say “Adieu” and best wishes in March – eh!

2 Responses to “February Wrap-up”

  1. Stan Salsman Says:

    We are proud of you, son, with your wonderful talent (inherited?) and eye for good pictures. Keep up the good work and put it into a book, along with a commentary for next year.

    We are understandably proud of our Canadian medal winners, but we also feel proud for all athletes everywhere who participated in the Olympics. They are ALL winners.

    from Mum and Dad

  2. John Schaffer Says:

    Would you believe that i don’t have a website. What a wonderful blog and a great idea to take one shot per day.

    I like your photographs and look forward to seeing more.

    It was good to actually see you today.


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