March 15, 2010 – Appaloosa Library, Scottsdale

March 15, 2010

Sony DSLR-A100 | f5.6 | 1/160 | ISO100

March 15, 2010

Sony DSLR-A100 | f5.6 | 1/50 | ISO100

March 15, 2010

Sony DSLR-A100 | f9.0 | 1/160 | ISO100

I visited the Appaloosa Library in north Scottsdale this afternoon. This is a relatively new edifice designed by DWL Architects + Planners. This is much more fascinating project than meets the eye on several fronts. It was designed and developed to not only be functional but also be appropriate to the microclimate of its site.

I won’t discuss all of its features and I know so little of them all and I don’t have the space here. But I want to hightlight the exterior walls… they appear to change color from dark green to silver to mauve depending on the way the light hits it. As I approached the building I was delighted to see it reflection of green and blue that had a sense of an aquamarine design. I had to take a second glance as I turned the corner in the parking lot for now the very same building that stood before before me was a muted mauve color. According to the brochure I picked up, it is the recycle metal with a special coating that presents this unique phenomenon.

Although the design is very simple and minimalistic, I was visually en captured discovering something new with each passing moment. Perhaps, as the architect shared with me, this building will people will learn to expect more of life.

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