March 31, 2010 – March Notes

Well…this marks the end of the third month.  I have been successful, so far, about posting one picture every day (except for one day on which I posted 3 views of the same subject).

As I look back, there are certain things I am beginning to notice.  I tend to photograph details or close up…trying to isolate a particular feature or point as opposed to large scenes and events. I think that having a narrow depth of field, one can adds a bunch of mystery to the image – wondering what is in the blurred area.  This leads me to believe that if I could afford another lens, it would be best to get a macro lens such as a 50mm/f2.8 or 100mm/f2.8 lens.  Translated, this is a fixed focal length (no ability to zoom) and fast – meaning that you can really get in close to your subject and focus on one detail.

I also have noticed that I lack people.  I guess I am shy about asking people to pose for a camera – especially for a picture from which they will not benefit.  Yet, one of my favorite shots for March was March 24 when I got a beautiful shot of my wife as we enjoyed a stroll through the Desert Botanical Garden with mom and dad.

I am enjoying the picture taking but I am finding the challenge of maintaining stamina in the daily “creativity” waning at times especially when I think of the months yet to come.  I hope, for anyone following along, that you are enjoying it and seeing things develop.  Please feel free to make comments along the way.  It may be the only way I can truly measure the journey.

3 Responses to “March 31, 2010 – March Notes”

  1. Kevin Horton Says:

    Congratulations, Ian on completing 1/4th of this great idea without missing a beat! I check in at least a couple of times a week if not more. I love the variety in your shots….never know what to expect next. Keep it up!

  2. Betty Nickerson Says:

    I am having a great time watching for you photos each day Ian. Do keep it up!

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