April 13, 2010 – A Garden Full of Color

April 13, 2010This is about the most color our garden has been in our recollection.  I think what helps is that we have never had as many of the yellow flowers on the Cat’s Claw up the front wall.

Sony DSLR-A100 | f8 | 1/30 | ISO100

5 Responses to “April 13, 2010 – A Garden Full of Color”

  1. Beautiful!!! Don’t the colors just bless you every day as you come up the walk!! Really wonderful!

  2. Ken Salsman Says:

    Last night I had a dream that Denise and I were visiting you in Arizona and we were surrounded by brightly-coloured flowers and blooming cacti. Now and wake up and see this image on your blog. I think God is telling me to “stop and smell the roses”.

  3. Ken Salsman Says:

    Ian, do you remember when we were kids and Nana had bought each of us seeds to grow in the garden? You were given Nasturtiums, just like the ones in your garden.

  4. azsalsman Says:

    Yes…I remember the Nasturtiums. I remember them every time I get into my truck usually parked right next to them. Sheeeesh…how time flies.

    The dream…well, maybe you are suppose to visit Phoenix!

  5. Stan Salsman Says:

    your flower garden is so beautiful and much improved since we were there a couple of weeks ago.

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