May 5, 2010 – 3D

May 5, 2010

For today’s image, I decided to follow a technique I recently learned – 3D.  This 3D technique is call “cross-eyed-ED”.  Actually, I don’t know if that is an official title but it explains the how to view this image. It does take a little work and patience to get it but once you see it the first time, it becomes easier.

Instead of trying to re-write the instructions, let me use the instructions from a website that has it all beautifully outlined:

  • Sit square in front of your monitor, with the image directly in front of you, at about arm’s length
  • Sitting further back makes it easier – you don’t need to cross your eyes as much – but makes the image look smaller
  • Make sure you keep your head level horizontally, tilting your head will prevent you from merging the images
  • While keeping the stereo pair of images in the centre of your vision, slowly cross your eyes
  • The stereo pair will go out of focus and you will seem to see four images, as shown in the animation above
  • If you find it hard to cross your eyes, it can help to hold a pen in front of you and look at the tip with the stereo pair in the background
  • Gradually cross your eyes more and more – if using a pen to assist, start it close to the monitor and move it towards your nose
  • Continue crossing your eyes more, untill the centre two of the four images overlap and you see three blurry images, as in the animation above
  • Try and hold the centre image together – it is possible to “lock” it in place and see it as one image
  • The “locked” centre image should appear in 3D!
  • Now the tricky part, focus – while holding the 3D image in place, relax your eyes – drop the pen from your field of view if you are using it
  • If you can keep the 3D image locked and relax your eyes, it should eventually pop into focus, as in the last frame of the animation above

-taken from

I would be interested to hear from you as to what you think and if it works for you.

Oh yes, if you click on the image, a slightly larger version will open up and it might be easier on the eyes.


3 Responses to “May 5, 2010 – 3D”

  1. Ken Salsman Says:

    that is a fascinating technique …and it really works!

  2. George Brown Says:

    Hey Ian my eyes won’t go back……. What to do?

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