May 29, 2010 – Bad Landscaping

May 29, 2010I took this photograph not for photographic reasons or that I thought it was a great picture to take but just because it records bad exterior design design choices.  IKEA has a great line of products for INSIDE the home.  They even have an impressive building that reflects its Swedish roots.  But here is a design that could have capitalized on – but, instead ran the other way.

you have a beautiful promenade of well manicured palm trees.  The lines guide you straight to a focal point.  That is a normal thing to do. But here, what is at the focal point? Half of an ordinary entryway? A blank yellow wall.  Even the patriotic assembly of American and Arizona flags are present but hidden.  There is nothing there.  They could have even put a walkway up the center so you feel you are entering a grand resort somewhere. But NO!

Come on, IKEA at least put your name up there when I drive in. Give me SOME use for the palm trees that are blocking my view.

4 Responses to “May 29, 2010 – Bad Landscaping”

  1. Ann/Mum Says:

    You have a great concept in exterior design, and I agree with you, BUT you must admit that IKEA does have good merchandise. Maybe the IKEA movers and shakers had nothing to do with the exterior landscaping.

    By the way, were you there to buy a futon??

  2. Ken Salsman Says:

    You may have a point but don’t you think that a brilliant blue and electric yellow building is signature enough. I know in Canada that’s all we need to see to know that it’s an IKEA!

  3. azsalsman Says:

    Oh yeah, this has nothing to do with the quality of the product or IKEA’s reputation….just a comment about the outside of THIS location. I was there to buy the futon but they were out of what we wanted replaced but not-as-good colors and stitching patterns. (sigh!)

  4. Talk about your “tunnel vision” whew

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