May Notes

As far was what I have learned this month, I seems back to the basics.  I did really enjoy experimenting with “Toy Photography”.  It really highlights a pure definition of “juxtaposition” for I cannot control the expression on the subjects’ faces but I can control where there are in relation and their surroundings.  But because of that position, the photographer can still capture them with real human  (or animalistic) interaction.

The days here are getting longer and, certainly hotter.  With that, the sun gets stronger and more intense making daytime photography more challenging.  The bright midday sun washes out the colors, blows our highlights and creates impossibly contrasting shadows.

Maintaining a freshness as I go through a day’s activities is hard.  I am sure I have overlooked opportunities that I had when this project was young and fresh.  After 151 entries, I am happy though I have stuck with this.  30 more days and I will have reached the 1/2-way mark.  Think of it.  for now, I must remember to keep the freshness alive and not merely look tot he final badge.

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  1. What you are doing is appreciated!

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