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July 1 – GreenShave

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July 1, 2010I thought of doing something to honor Canada Day but nothing came to mind.  Instead, I decided to use this product shot that I took today’s entry of a friend’s shaving product.  I took it today in order to use it in the website I am building for him: (presently in the design stage).

June Notes

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I realized that I did not post my end of month notes yessterday.  So here I am doing it today. Canada Day…O canada!

I did it. I made it 1/2 of the year. 181 Pictures and posts so far.  Okay, if you do the math you will realize that July 2’s post is really the 1/2 mark if you count by days). But this marks the end of 6 out of a full 12 months without missing a day (okay I posted one or two a day late due to ineptness or something) and so that marks a god enough 1/2-way mark for me.

Some days brilliance…other days …Blah.

I was thinking the other day about how tt is getting difficult to keep things fresh and inspired with new imagery and spontaneity. Actually I was thinking about this while I was in 105+ degree weather (Fahrenheit ). Do you know how hard it is to be invigorated when you are slow-baking? It make being outside to enjoy the summer sunshine a test of endurance than an rejuvenating spa.

The other thing that is a paradox in the desert. To a photographer, light is everything. So much so that heard of a fashion photographer in Tucson who is color blind but still manages fantastic shots. Now one would think then that Phoenix would be a great place for photography. There is, in fact, too much light. During the long, hot days, color washes out, highlights blown out and shadows to sharp. It becomes a photographer’s nightmare.

Creativity comes, though, comes when you find new ways to use the pieces you have … not in having an abundance of options and making choices. Hence, the challenge that lies ahead for the next couple of months.

I have taken a couple of pictures this month that had more to do with registering my day than the craft of photography. I suppose that that is a groundwork for photojournalism. It seems that photojournalism does capture a story first but with a compelling imagery to command attention and interest.

July should prove interesting. I spend a majority of in a new part of the world – Swaziland. Although the purpose of the trip is not about photography, I am sure I will return with a plethora of images. It will be my chance to practice what is called Travel Photography….photographing culture and people abroad.

See you tomorrow.