July 29, 2010 – What People do

July 29, 2010

I sit on the floor of the airport terminal in Atlanta on the way back home from Africa.  It is always fun to watch how people pass the hours as they await the ultimate announcement “You may now entrust your very life to the hands of one man with stripes on his shoulders by locking yourself in this big metal container while he hurls you through the skies 6 miles above the surface at nearly 600 miles an hour”. You then willingly jump up, stand in line and do as you are told trusting that, somehow, you will soon be collecting the dust of Phoenix in the crevices of your shoes.

Okay….I just finished sitting on a plane for 15.5 hours straight.  What would you expect?

Sony DSLR-A100 | f4 | 1/20 | ISO400

*sorry for the delay in posting this post. I am finally getting caught up with my daily duties back home in Arizona.

One Response to “July 29, 2010 – What People do”

  1. I would be STANDING and not sitting, no matter what pictures I wanted to take !!!!!!!!!

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