August 8, 2010 – Self-Portrait

August 8, 2010Yesterday’s post was a water theme.  I would say this one is too but, instead it is a picture of myself.  It is amazing where I find myself these days. Unfortunately, someone stamped “Elkay” right across my picture but my picture seems to be there every time I look so I must be someone of importance.  Anyway, the key thing is to always be creative and observant.  Find  something new or a new way of  seeing something old you found.

Sony DSLR-A100 | f5.6 | 1/100 | ISO100

3 Responses to “August 8, 2010 – Self-Portrait”

  1. Say “cheese” !!! Can you actually “see” yourself as you look through the lens? Just asking.

  2. Lynn Fischer Says:

    did you have to clean it first – I do like this picture – and since we just went to Inception – it’s a picture of a reflection in a …..

  3. azsalsman Says:

    I can see myself mum….that way I can frame to shot properly. However, it is a double check that I actually exist in the mortal, physical realm.

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