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September 4, 2010 – Cezanne

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September 5, 2010Last night (Friday evening), Carol and I went to the Phoenix Art Museum to experience the artwork of Paul Cezanne (French artist in the late 19th century and early 20th century) and his influence on American Modernism.  It was quite interesting. I knew  next to nothing about him and his work.

One thing that fascinated me was not that they exhibited many American artists whose works were directly inspired by Cezanne but the exhibited photographers whose work displayed evidence of influence by him.  It caught my attention because you have one art media affected by the works in another media in a very direct way.

So, today’s entry is a nod in Cezanne’s direction. I know it is more that “being influenced” but an attempt to recreate a photographic version of his work.  I don’t know a lot about how he painted and what it was about his efforts that was so stricking for others but a few things we learned.  He did a lot of still lifes.  He usually exaggerated that angle of the table top so you can see what was ON the table better.  Also, there was no importance placed on any piece of his composition.  It was also mentioned during our tour that the bowls and other adornments appeared to tip toward the viewer – not in true perspective but somehow in a way that makes sense.  Whether you feel the bowl and pitcher actually appear to tip toward the viewer or not, it is a nod to the artist as an attempt to get to know him and experience true re-birth of what was once lost.