October 9, 2010 – 360 Degrees

October 9, 2010(click image for full version)

Thought I would try a quick 360 panoramic picture for whatever it is worth. I realize that there is more of an art than meets the eye. You have to be able to envision and compose a shot that extends beyond the normal scope of ones natural field of vision – and it all needs to work with a visual harmony. Plus, the light changes so you need to find a single camera setting that will meet the littling condition for each angle. However, no matter what your image is, it always looks “odd” and unnatural – because…well, because, it is not. do you know anyone (beside teachers) that can see 360 degrees in one shot?


2 Responses to “October 9, 2010 – 360 Degrees”

  1. Nice try but it didn’t work, maybe it was the subject and not the photographer or maybe the camera. ha!

  2. At the Halifax Market yesterday there was a wall of such photos, framed. They were amazing!! So keep at this.


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