November 6, 2010 – Death of an Art Dummy

November 6, 2010A crime of passion? An inappropriate reaction of from an jealous painter? A bad aim from one of the guys down at the local pub? Stay tuned for this is just might be the scene of the new hit series CSI:Picasso…..or is it?

Sony DSLR-A100 | f7.1 | 1/80 | ISO100

3 Responses to “November 6, 2010 – Death of an Art Dummy”

  1. Ken Salsman Says:

    Is this an indication of how you are feeling these days or have you been watching too many crime shows?

    • azsalsman Says:

      The idea has been floating in my head for a quite a while now. It has finally made room for something else. … and maybe too many crime scene shows. …and maybe …..

  2. John Schaffer Says:

    Ian, you will find a job; the Lord is in control and He has not forsaken you!
    Avoid the dark side…don’t let the enemy turn you into a killer like the one in this picture. Okay, I did like the photo.

    We continue to pray for both of you! May God bless you in ways you have not even considered.

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