November 2010 Photography Notes

Today feels like what I might image a runner feels like as he rounds the final bend of the track after pursuing a long race during a track and field meet.  You have paced yourself, persisted when the muscles ached and the mind played games, and the thrill of the starting pistol has long warn off.  Yet, now, you smell the aroma of the finish line and you feel like you have just begun.  Your energy picks up again, you ask yourself “So soon?” and you find it in yourself to suddenly arouse your energy to sprint to the end.

One month, 31 days, 31 images remain. I can’t even remember those early days…yet.  I will when I gather this year’s images in some sort of photo yearbook. I will be interested to see how things have changed and developed over the 12 months. Hmmmm.  I do know that I will feel a real void, an emptiness if you will, on January 1 when I will no longer be posting a new photography or having to struggle to forge a fresh image.  But I am sure I will miss it too.

what have I learned through November?  I did manage some new things this month.  One was the opportunity to attend a photography conference presented by a couple of professional photographers.  Although it was mainly aimed at teaching people of the basic use of their cameras, I learned a lot about many things I thought I knew (yes, I know…there are somethings I don’t know).  Metering techniques, effective use of aperture and shutter speed.  It made an immediate impact on how I ought to approach photography.

The second thing during November was the evening I experimented with smoke photography.  I had been wanting to try it for some time now and finally took the opportunity to do it.  Not only was it the success of capturing the random grace of the lines and swirls along with it’s spontaneity and unpredictability, but it was also the creative fascination with what you can do with the images – endless, in fact.  Look for more this month.  I will try to it again and maybe improve on  it and experiment with it a little more.

Anyway, you be the judge. And if anyone has the audacity to suggest a challenge for myself for next year in any fashion … speak your mind – share it and then run for your life, I’ll be chasing you with a meat cleaver  or open arms…it depends.

2 Responses to “November 2010 Photography Notes”

  1. What an amazing journey. The discipline to continue this impresses me Ian! Way to go.

  2. Oh, please do continue next. I look forward every morning to seeing your new creation.
    Suggestions? Maybe a “theme a month”. Or maybe a continuing saga through photos.
    How about putting all of 2010 into a “book” or some such medium for us to purchase and keep for posterity.
    We (Dad and I) are very proud of your accomplishment this year.

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