December 17, 2010 – Good Ol’ Art Lesson

December 17, 2010I took and posted this picture today as representative of a bigger picture today – the enjoyment of reaching old, somewhat forgotten passions.

I attended a class/seminar at the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business (neither of which interest me) about developing personal success. Afterward, with plenty of thoughts to ponder, I decided I needed a shot of long overdue exercise so I decided simply to go for a short walk around Old Town Scottsdale before boarding my truck to get onto the day’s agenda.  Well, this walk quickly turned something I have, for years, failed to do – simply enjoy art for art sake.

You know, I realized that I have forgotten stop into galleries and appreciate art.  I have forgotten my desire to paint/draw/create.  I never felt that I was an outstanding artist but I do remember how it felt to be completely engrossed in the process. I have oft forgone the pleasure of daydreaming favoring day’s need to produce and succeed – and for the daily bread.

Where today’s experience goes from here, I do not know, but I am very grateful for taking the few moments to set aside the problems, needs and struggles today long enough to enjoy the ride of the journey.

Oh darn…where did I set my sketch pencil….hmmmmmmmm

2 Responses to “December 17, 2010 – Good Ol’ Art Lesson”

  1. Good for you, Ian. I seems that this sojourn back into your creative life is just what you needed to regenerate those feelings. Keep it up !

  2. Ken Salsman Says:

    we need to cherish these sorts of days and re-awakenings.

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