December 26, 2010 – Smokin’ Ribs

December 26, 2010I tried doing some more “Smoke Photography”. I wanted to play around with some lighting but most of what I tried had little to no effect on the outcome. The flash out powers everything else. I tried holding a red poster board opposite the flash with the hopes that there would be reflected red light. That did not really have any effect. I think that the “magic” is the light shining THROUGH the smoke and not reflecting back. I tried putting a red snoot around the flash (as opposed to the black one I was using which guides the light to where I want it and avoid stray light onto the black background or or into the camera) and it had a LITTLE effect that you can see slightly in the image. I even tried bouncing the flash light directly onto the poster board hoping I could light the smoke with the reflected light only but that was not bright enough.

Anyway, of all the pictures I ended up taking, I chose this one because I was fascinated that the smoke created an almost solid form that reminded me of ribs. You can make it to be whatever you wish, but for me, it suggested the form of a torso or the form of a knight’s armor.

Whatever you chose, no two are ever alike…nor will they be.


After posting this entry, I had another look at this and began to see a vague image of Santa. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

4 Responses to “December 26, 2010 – Smokin’ Ribs”

  1. I see an upper part of a helmeted face (top-center) with a highlighted nose. Ihaven’t yet figured out what the brighter lights represent, though there could be a sword hilt on the right side. Anyway, I love the picture and the soft (smoke) lines which contrast the helmet and sword imagery.

  2. Ha, I see a distorted vertebra with all the nerve endings leading of and around it.

  3. The ghost of Christmas Past – a hood, bright hands and knees!

  4. Anita thinks it is a Christmas tree with lots of snow on it.

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