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July 10, 2010 – Do You Know Your Money?

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July 10, 2010It came up in conversation today with results that were quite surprising to all parties.  Without looking….I mean, do not peak in  your wallet or your neighbors wallet or in  your piggy bank – do you know who (or what) is featured on each denomination of  your currency? Ready, set, START…..(hey! don’t peak)…Again, ready, set, START……

…Have you identified them all? Do you think you are right?  … Okay NOW you can look.  Were you right?

Interesting.  It passes through your hands every day and yet….hmmmm.  Well, unless you are like me and use your debit card or credit card with which to pay.  Then that featured person would be ME! (Yes, I have my photo on my card as security).  Or else, also like me, you don’t have any money anyway so what is the difference.

The South African Rand, pictured here, it is obvious that they have featured local wildlife – elephants, rhinos, jaguars.  I don’t see any monkeys on the money.  But wait, it seems that we have wildlife on our currency here too.  Yes….I see a couple of baboons and maybe a donkey.  We are not so different after all.

Canon Rebel XS | f5.6 | 1/13 | ISO100