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May 29, 2010 – Bad Landscaping

Posted in Snapshot365 with tags , , , , on May 29, 2010 by AZSalsman

May 29, 2010I took this photograph not for photographic reasons or that I thought it was a great picture to take but just because it records bad exterior design design choices.  IKEA has a great line of products for INSIDE the home.  They even have an impressive building that reflects its Swedish roots.  But here is a design that could have capitalized on – but, instead ran the other way.

you have a beautiful promenade of well manicured palm trees.  The lines guide you straight to a focal point.  That is a normal thing to do. But here, what is at the focal point? Half of an ordinary entryway? A blank yellow wall.  Even the patriotic assembly of American and Arizona flags are present but hidden.  There is nothing there.  They could have even put a walkway up the center so you feel you are entering a grand resort somewhere. But NO!

Come on, IKEA at least put your name up there when I drive in. Give me SOME use for the palm trees that are blocking my view.