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December 6, 2010 – Handicap Accessibility or Not!

Posted in Snapshot365 with tags , , , , on December 6, 2010 by AZSalsman

December 6, 2010I was quietly amused by this posting.  I don’t usually read things like this but for some reason, I found myself doing so while I was waiting for the truck to fill up with gas.

What intrigued me was an apparently oversight.  The jargon explains that if you need assistance with pumping gas, honk twice and an attendant will come out and pump it for you.  It is careful enough to say that it will be at self-service price – protection for you in case you thought you would be charged extra.  It is careful enough to state that your vehicle has to display official handicap markings to protect the store from abuse of this offer. It is even careful enough to protect the store’s needs by stating that this service to the handicap could not be offered if there is only one store attendant on duty (such as in the middle of the night).

This notice goes on to say that if the honking of the horn twice (indication to the attendant in the store that assistance is needed) does not work, you can use the intercom to get the attendant’s attention.  I could not get it in this picture but I looked for the intercom. Do you know that the intercom is in a place that is NOT handicap accessible?  If I needed assistance pumping gas and could not use my horn or the horn was not heard but I could find a way to work my way to the intercom and reach that little black button to speak into an intercom, I could pump my own gas!

…oh well, just a small detail in life.