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December 7, 2010 – Playtime

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December 7, 2010I almost got what I was after in this picture.  In part it was the relationship of two children at play – one being a 1.5 year old enjoying the moment and the other a 7 year old playing the older, responsible caregiver.

Photographically, though, I really wanted to capture the light edges of the evening sunset.  There is an element of the but not quite to the extent I wanted.  There is always, in my opinion, a romantic, peaceful feeling that comes from the glimmer of the sun rays.

Oh well.  Photographing kids is always a challenge because you have a short wind of time to capture “the moment” and they aren’t old enough to really wait for the camera guy.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Sony DSLR-A100 | f5.6 | 1/250 | ISO100

November 1, 2010 – The Sandbox

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November 1, 2010

Sony DSLR-A100 | f5.6 | 1/40 | ISO200

April 19, 2010 – Communion

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April 19, 2010This doesn’t really show it well but this is two sisters taking communion.  What followed was singing songs for kids about Jesus and the resurrection story.  Including “You got to get the silliness out.  Then put it back in your heart because God wants you to be happy” sung to some made up tune.

March 5, 2010 – “Pure Happiness”

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March 5, 2010

There are many certain moments which pass right in front of our awareness so fast, we fail to even take note.  It is not until we can capture and isolate them from life’s timeline that we can truly relish God’s little blessings of pure happiness and joy as it threads through our busy lives and worldly woes.

February 19, 2010

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February 19, 2010

Sony DSLR-A100 | f5.6 | 1/125 | ISO100